Like most authors Dick’s love for the written word began when he was quite young. His first book, an untitled work written in the first grade, was a rousing romp through a deep, dark cave that featured a lost little boy as the main character. Unlike the little hero of that story who found his way out, Dick continues to search around in the dark for his career.

Starting more than ten years ago as a technical writer, Dick has toyed with a multitude of professions in and around writing. He’s tried proposal writing, technical writing, marketing writing, training, website design and many other positions that have had something to do with writing. Now, he is a business analyst and his bosses finally seem happy with his work.

In his spare time Dick enjoys writing novels. His first novel, which he is just now comfortable sharing with his fans, is modeled after Diane Mott Davidson and Dick Francis but has a focus on athletics and fitness instead of cooking or horse racing. Future novels follow the same themes but he refuses to be pigeon holed and is contemplating a change in genre.

Having spent four years as an Army Ranger, Dick tries to leverage his time in the Army in his novels. He also has used that experience to land a job as a fitness instructor with the Navy SEAL PT Course in Houston and tries to compete in as many fun runs, triathlons, and other like events as his knees will let him.

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